Saturday, October 25, 2014

Three of Pentacles

Pentacles - earth, north, finances, work, security, physical realm, nature

Three - coming together of two or more with results/synergy, group efforts, synthesis; triads: past, present, future; body, mind, spirit; sky, earth, water

Picture - cleric, sorceress, and artisan/craftsman/servant engaged in conversation, collaborating, a diverse group, different walks of life, occupations, genders, social roles and social standings. Each has a different part in the work, but each part is crucial and regardless of appearance, each part is necessary for the work to succeed.

Divinatory meaning - a project or endeavor requiring the cooperation of diverse people or components that need to work together well. Appreciate the differences and value what each part brings. Do your own part with confidence and encourage others with the same zeal you have for yourself and your part.