Friday, November 7, 2014

Reading: What is holding me back?

Intro: Querent is preparing to change careers. Education, training, and other practical steps are already well underway. There is hesitation in making the transition.

Question: What's holding me back? Is there something I need to look at before I jump?

Spread: Celtic Cross, the only thing to note is being left handed I naturally see the position 2 card as being upright when facing the left and reversed when facing the right, which is opposite of the "traditional" reading but it's just how I see it, so my interpretation is based off how I see it.

The Cards

Position 1, Heart of the Matter:
Page of Wands, youthful, innocent energy.

Position 2, Opposing/Reinforcing Factor: Knight of Wands (reinforcing), hard working, committed, dependable

The core of your drive in moving forward is an honest, youthful energy and a spirit that works hard.

Position 3, What's below you, unconscious influences: Eight of Cups, high-emotion, big change leaving behind what you know to go forward with something new. This may be a bigger factor than you realize. Perhaps friends, social life, relationships, way of life, etc. that may change because the desired move. Take time to understand your emotions and what you feel about the changes you want to make and their impact on your life.

Position 4, What's above you, conscious influences: Two of Swords, conflicting thoughts. You are very aware of conflicting thoughts and feeling but perhaps not fully aware of what they are.

Position 5, What is behind you, recent past, things to let go of: The Devil reversed, something enslaving -- an addiction, a habit, a relationship -- that you have started to come out of but perhaps are having trouble shaking completely. It is likely affecting your confidence to move forward and needs to be dealt with, the more thoroughly you reach resolution and are able to put it behind you, the more free you will be to go forward.

Position 6, What is in front you, near future, things to take hold of: The Hermit, devoted time to yourself to contemplate and sort through things. As this is The Hermit, a major arcana card, this is a contemplation of major life and universal issues and not just practical "how to's" and "what if's". Whatever the Recent Past (The Devil reversed) and the Unconscious Influences (Eight of Cups) are pointing to are likely what you ought to be contemplating and resolving. And that will take care of the mental conflict expressed in Conscious Influences (Two of Swords)
Position 7, Self image: Ten of Cups, you see yourself as enlightened, intuitive, perhaps also what is driving you in your desire for your future.

Position 8, Surrounding energy, how others view the situation: Six of Pentacles reversed, there is something out of order in the energy around you in regards to effort or helping others where it is needed, either where others are perceiving that you are focused on yourself too much and not tending to responsibilities or care for others, or that your direction needs tweaking to be truly focused or perhaps more balanced between the direction you want for your life and making sure that direction deep within your heart has roots in helping others and is not out-balance in being self serving.

Position 9, Guidance: Ten of Wands, there are still many pieces to put in place. Be committed and direct your youthful and hard-working energy into resolving issues of the past and concerns for the future and the practical details of your endeavor. Be prepared to persevere. Any big changes to requires big energy and many parts. Be sure to seek help in each area. The Hermit card indicates a time coming up for serious solitude and reflection, but that doesn't mean you do this alone. In a balanced way, lean on friends and experts.

Position 10, Possible Outcome: The Magician reversed, this is a warning to make sure you deal with the things that are revealed to you or you will stay stuck. But if you stay positive and hopeful and take each step you need to, deal with the Devil card, come to terms with that Eight of Cups and the underlying emotions, be diligent to bring those pieces together that the Ten of Wands speak of, if you do these things with the knowledge that they are all good things and necessary, that Magician will turn right-side up and you will see magic happen, effective energy both flowing through you and around you to make things happen.

Conclusion: The querent felt the reading matched the situation and was insightful. Feedback was that The Devil reversed likely was in reference to the fear of others' opinions, which fits very well with the rest of the reading.