Friday, May 29, 2015

Being, Stillness, and Action

The Fool is our core Being, perfect and whole.  The untainted emanation of the I AM.  Our True Self.

Through the non-doing of the High Priestess we dwell in unconscious awareness.  We rest in grace and wholeness.  We connect with the mystery of who we are at an intuitive level.  We know our potential.  We come to see our True Self and connect with our Being.  We cease from our labors and are still.  We rest in knowing without having intellectual understanding.

From this place of stillness and knowing, we then proceed with the conscious awareness of the Magician, to take action with power and focus.  When we do this we are effective because what action we take springs from our Being and not from the energy of corrupt form.

It seems this concept might map across worldviews.  See if you can apply these ideas to your understanding of the Universe and let me know your thoughts and what you come up with.

Any other thoughts or questions are always welcome!