Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Fire spreading in my soul
  Passion, energy springing forth
Keep the flame kindled
  but untamed it consumes
     and dwindles to smoke

Water flows gently in the inner caverns,
     cleansing, mixing, renewing.
Bathing slowly restores
       but slumber in the pool asphyxiates
    and brings an end to life.

Air nourishes and invigorates,
     blowing thoughts like seeds with wings
Spreading life and enlightenment,
   Revealing mysteries beneath the leaves.
But harsh winds inside bring turmoil to a dwelling
       and outside cut and gnash like disembodied teeth,
   hateful spectres of sand and rock.

Earth connects and speaks
    and grows and cycles
But coins will weigh a soul
      down to the grave.

Coins pull and coins glitter
   Coins promise and we quiver
But can the spirit find peace
      rolling coins and chasing
   after their provision?

Ten of pentacles
    Fulfillment or in opposition?

Coins drop from my purse
   And falling to my knees
     my hands caress the grass
   and the trees
        the flowers
                and the earth.