Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I am a gypsy of the spirit,
   a nomad in my soul,
     a pilgrim on this earth,
  wandering with purpose
learning as I stroll
  through these lands
of ideas and patterns,
   processes and manifestations.

Exploring forms
   in the pursuit of being,
Appreciating the path.

Peace is mine,
     in the deep
   in the Divine,
and here alone I cease
    from labor and toil
and question and pursuit

Restless on this earth
  to understand the mystery
Of eternal spirit kingdom
  manifested in you and in me

Roaming to and fro,
  always on a quest
    to see a clue from your point of view
To know the Source in utter truth

No compromise or settling down,
   except perhaps to pause and play
No planting roots in one man’s view
  but gleaning from all to know the way
 I’ll stop in your house to chat a while,
     but just passing through,
   I likely won’t stay.
No need to be sad, we’ll meet on the road
   if not tomorrow, then another day.

I am a gypsy in my spirit,
   a nomad in my soul,
 wandering in all but love
    as I breathe my earthly breath.
It’s my purpose and my calling
  from the night of my birth
 til the day of my death.