Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Preparing to Receive a Reading

I have started (as in I have one done) a series of posts about Tarot and how to get the most out of a reading.  The plans are for this to be detailed, complete with ideology and a foundation of approach to life (sometimes I over-do things...) and I truly believe I have some worthwhile thoughts to share.  But as with all bigger projects daily life presses in and the cost of moving forward with the project has to be balanced with the importance of other factors (mainly people) in life.  So in the meantime, here is a summary that can be helpful to consider before coming up with a question to ask in your Tarot reading. 

I definitely have reasons for giving these guidelines and plan to blog more detailed about them in the future.  Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

You can get the most out of a Tarot reading by spending a little bit of time thinking about what you are asking and then asking a question that has a healthy "framework".  Here's some thoughts to help you get started.
  • Make your question fairly specific, unless you are being open to whatever insight is best for you at the moment.
  • The energy of the cards is strongest in regards to you -- so ask a question focused on yourself in a situation
  • You have a free will and the ability to choose your path -- the future is not set in stone, so asking specifics about the future can be misleading. Instead you can ask how to be prepared, things to look out for, etc. Sometimes the cards do reveal things about the future, but in my experience needing to know specifics carries a dark energy with it, if that makes sense.
  • For ethical reasons, I respect the privacy of others, another reason to keep questions focused on yourself, asking for insight that will help you have the clearest path going forward.
  • Tarot is more like an additional counselor and should not be the basis for decisions.  
  • Questions regarding legal, medical, or other professional advice should always be directed to the appropriate professional.
  • An example question might be, "What do I need to prepare for in 2016 so that my relationship with my significant other is stronger?" 
Many people think of Tarot like it's a mindless question-in-answer-out machine. My experience is that there is a Living Consciousness behind the scenes, and answers come out more like you would expect from a wise sage -- it's not necessarily the answer you were looking for, but is exactly the answer you need. Be open to what you will hear, and be prepared to give the answer some time to sink in.

I always like to ask, "Would you rather be a Prisoner of Fate or the Master of your own Destiny?"  That's a good question to ask yourself when you are coming up with your question.