Friday, September 25, 2015

Tarot Readings: "Markers"

A pattern I often see in multi-card Tarot readings is that one or more of the cards come up as obvious facts about the situation surrounding the question being asked.  These cards often don't add any additional insight and may even be clear representations of what the querent has already openly expressed.  These apparent cards may feel like a waste of space on the spread, taking up useful positions that could otherwise give insight.

I call these "markers" and actually find them to be the most valuable cards in the reading.  Why?  Well, just think about what is happening for a minute.  Say you do a 10 card spread and 3 cards show up as "marker" cards -- the meaning of the card in its current position reflects something obvious about the situation.  We all know that the subconscious mind pulls meanings from the cards and can derive a meaning that applies to the card, so there's definitely the subconscious at play with the abundant symbolism of the card.

But once you've experienced enough readings you see too many cards that hit the nail on the head purely from their straight-forward meanings.  The odds of getting one card in a position that is obviously meaningful are pretty small: 78 cards x 2 positions (upright, reversed) = 156.  Factor in that maybe 4 cards could be glaringly meaningful for a given question for a given position in the spread, and you get roughly 1:39 odds.  Small but not anything to make you quiver if it happens.  Once.  If it happens three times in a single reading, that starts to make you think.  If it happens consistently across readings, then you start to see a pattern not a coincidence.

And if these pieces of cardboard with ink on them carry specific meaning to specific thoughts, the implications are pretty huge.  For specific cards to end up in specific positions after shuffling thoroughly, then from my perspective and my current understanding of the laws of nature, something has transcended space and time to get those cards into a meaningful position.  They're just cardboard and ink, shuffled randomly, with similar laws that govern mixing up your cake ingredients and seeing them distributed evenly across the batter.

So now these "markers" have taken on new meaning.  They aren't just a waste of space: they are indicators that something real is happening in this Tarot reading.  They are a "heads up" to doubters (which often times even includes the reader...) that something substantial is going on.  If you are giving a reading, draw attention to these markers to help the querent see that the cards are locking on to the situation.  If you are receiving a reading, let these markers get your attention so that you can have confidence in the other cards and glean insights from what they offer, even if they don't make sense at the moment.

This universe is definitely a large and very mysterious place.  Even not having all the answers, we can still observe with our hearts and with our physical senses, and with our rational minds enjoy the beauty and reap the benefit of the guidance of whatever unseen entity is there transcending space and time to give us insight that we can use to navigate more confidently down this stream of life.