Thursday, January 28, 2016

Truth Manifesto

It's been a while since I've posted and might be a while again.  I'm keeping away from social media and much online for the most part.  It's been a good experience and it's very possible I'll keep up the habit.

Various experiences, both in person and through reading, have led me to articulate for myself my "truth manifesto" -- a brief summation of how I approach learning "truth".  Self-empowerment, for myself and others, has been a big theme for me in the past few years, and this manifesto (I use that word so it sounds official -- it's really just more of my ramblings) reflects that.

I share it because I really believe in self-empowerment and self-responsibility in whatever endeavor we pursue in life, and I find a lot of joy in seeing other people realize that they have power too.  I'm also tired for myself of every teaching I run into the proponents claiming it's the "ultimate truth", and I'm tired of seeing others pulled into the same thinking.  I hit my tolerance "threshold" while reading The Kybalion, and that's what led me to write down my thoughts, which was mainly cathartic for me, and perhaps helpful for others.  I am enjoying The Kybalion tremendously and I do find much of the content has resonated with me and also has helped me to reconcile some significant paradox's in my own mind, so I do find value in it.  I just don't buy everything that's written there and am slightly annoyed at another instance of the "ultimate truth" theme.

So on to the manifesto.  It's really nothing grand or new in it's thinking, and is likely similar to where many thoughtful seekers of truth find themselves.  But perhaps it will be refreshing to those in a similar place and provoking to those caught in the gravity of any particular point of view.

"I like to search for truth and to understand the world around me the best that I can. My perspective is limited, my curiosity is endless. I glean from experience, science, history, mythology, and mystery. I would like to hear your perspective and ponder what you have uncovered and together we can share our discoveries and be enriched. If you tell me you have the ultimate truth, like countless others, I'll still be interested in hearing your perspective and glean what I can, but know that I don't believe anyone has the full picture, and I am not looking for one person or one perspective to give me a comprehensive answer. I will respect you for your studies and your devotion, but I will not place you above any other fellow traveler that I encounter. Likewise, I work to be mindful of my own limited perspective and seek to not present myself as one more enlightened than another. We are each sovereign over our own perceptions, analysis, conclusions and will, and consequently each ultimately responsible for our own lives and decisions."