Monday, April 4, 2016

Balance in Mystical Pursuits

One of my favorite quotes is from The Kybalion, a book written in the early 1900s that does a nice job a summarizing many of the Hermetic principles:

"Keep your mind ever on the Star, but let your eyes watch over your footsteps, lest you fall into the mire by reason of your upward gaze."

It is in the middle of the chapter on The Divine Paradox which I believe is a critical idea for any metaphysical student to understand: That even though the ultimate nature of the universe is far beyond what we see with our physical eyes and even though we should pursue understanding the mysteries of the universe, in the midst of that pursuit, we must face and live with the realities of the physical world we live in, and that failure to do so will be disastrous.

So we pursue these mysteries, and that's part of what this life is about, but we balance them with being responsible in our everyday mundane lives. And the combination of that is a formula for success.