Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ode to Pan: Virility and a Worthy Manifestation

Power is sent forth constantly
 We are creatures of will
We both put forth our intention
 And are beseiged by the will of others

Spoken word, written word, tone of voice,
 facial expressions, people, animals,
television, advertisements, billboards,
  radios, smart phones, social media,
 packaging, emotions, pictures

The energy of will ceaselessly goes forth
 Looking for fertile soil in which to plant itself
To grow
  And to bear fruit.

To impose your will is dominance
  To mindlessly submit is subservience
Happening both subconsciously
 And with full awareness
Leading to dysfunction
 And bitter fruit

Raise up a wall around your mind
 With a single gate
  Protected by love and wisdom
Turn away any will that is not approved by these two
 Send forth no intention which fails the same

Beyond dominance and subservience
 Lies cooperation
Balancing the needs of all
 Curing extremes of need and excess

Seek peace in the battle of wills
 And a dawning of willful synergy

Keep this goal in mind,
 And on the journey apply wisdom
For not all along the way
  Pursue the same destination
    And some simply do not know the way

So go forth with power
 Grounded in love
  Guarded with wisdom
And one day with most certainty
  You will taste good fruit
    And be satisfied